What is EPoS

The acronym EPoS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and was coined in the 1970 as cash registers moved from being big clunky mechanical things to becoming electronic. In the 21st century, however, the meaning has changed somewhat to be indicative of a system that does considerably more for your business than just recording sales. A fully fledged EPoS system might control your stock, table management, customer loyalty, process EFT payments, time and attendance for employee management, kitchen printing, recommending ordering, wireless order taking, reporting and a whole host more including interfacing with other applications and systems.



Why EPoS?

A good EPoS system is the heart of any successful business and when buying a new system it is important to understand what it is that you need from it. For example you may want to cut down on shrinkage through employing better stock management and staff security or perhaps your restaurant would like to start doing online table booking. Picking a system that is flexible and adaptable is essential so that it can grow along side your business to ensure you don’t run into the costly practice of replacing hardware and software due to expansion.


Our Software Products


Front Of House EPoS For Any Business

Since 1999 TouchPoint has been continuously developed to be the most intuitive EPoS system in the world. Today's TouchPoint has more features and flexibility than ever, giving you a till system that is invaluable to your business.

TouchOffice Web

Business Management Software

Real time and historical sales reports at your fingertips. TouchOfffice Web provides complete control over your business from anywhere. Stock, staff, pricing and programming; TouchOffice Web gives you control over it all.


Keep Mobile. For A Better Customer Experience

PocketTouch is a professional paper-free way to take food and drinks orders. Our revolutionary hand-held software solution has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industries.


Kitchen Order Management Display

TouchKitchen transforms the way food orders are processed. From starters through to dessert, customer orders are organised on a kitchen screen for easy ticket management.


Fast Food Ordering

Online ordering is made easy with the TouchTakeaway e-commerce web app for QSR, restaurants, pubs, cafés, coffee houses, convenience stores, retail stores and stadiums. Enable your customers to place an order from their home, table, seat, work desk, or on the go with their personal mobile or tablet.


Interactive Point Of Sale

Self service software for Hospitality, Retail and Healthcare from ICRTouch. Customers can independently use the interactive touchscreen menu to place their order and pay in-store without the assistance of staff.


Reservations Online

You're never closed with TouchReservation. Allow customers to make bookings, around the clock, on any web-enabled device such as smartphone or tablet.

Digital Signage

Menu and Collection Point Digital Signage


The virtual menu board on a large display screen, replaces your static signage with an attractive and enticing live menu that is constantly updated direct from the till.


Whether you have a restaurant, bar or fast food outlet, CollectionPoint can provide a simple yet professional way of notifying customers where their order is in a queue.


Affordable and flexible solution to sell and manage tickets.

Simplify ticket sales with a comprehensive Ticketing solution that combines multi-channel sales with unlimited ticket types, intelligent reporting and extra customisation.

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