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What is EPoS

The acronym EPoS stands for Electronic Point of Sale and was coined in the 1970 as cash registers moved from being big clunky mechanical things to becoming electronic. In the 21st century, however, the meaning has changed somewhat to be indicative of a system that does considerably more for your business than just recording sales. A fully fledged EPoS system might control your stock, table management, customer loyalty, process EFT payments, time and attendance for employee management, kitchen printing, recommending ordering, wireless order taking, reporting and a whole host more including interfacing with other applications and systems.


Why EPoS?

A good EPoS system is the heart of any successful business and when buying a new system it is important to understand what it is that you need from it. For example you may want to cut down on shrinkage through employing better stock management and staff security or perhaps your restaurant would like to start doing online table booking. Picking a system that is flexible and adaptable is essential so that it can grow along side your business to ensure you don’t run into the costly practice of replacing hardware and software due to expansion.


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Enhance your business at the point of sale with Key Systems and TouchPoint

ICRTouch's flagship EPoS till software TouchPoint is effortless to use, reliable and proven. TouchPoint has been developed over 15 years and (thanks to annual software upgrades) it remains cutting edge.

We're confident TouchPoint is the most reliable EPoS software of its kind on the market. ICRTouch has over 30 years experience in developing and supplying Epos systems and we've sold nearly 70,000 EPoS software licences.


TouchPoint when you're making a sale...

We understand how important it is to keep everything running smoothly. TouchPoint easily handles all your requirements: scanning items, totalling the sale, juggling cash and cards.

The system can be adapted to your business: from a single touch screen till in a small shop to a multi-site business operating many tills.

TouchPoint is simple to use and requires minimal training. New and part-time staff can quickly work a TouchPoint touch screen till with confidence, saving you time and maximising sales.

Rely on TouchPoint to ask the right questions at the right time so you know sales opportunities aren't being missed. When an item is scanned TouchPoint prompts staff to talk about offers and deals.


With TouchPoint till software we can offer you so much more...

When you choose our TouchPoint till software you can take your pick of a host of great add-on packages. Our Epos product solutions complement each other and you can combine them to meet the specific requirements of your business.

For example our TouchPoint till software sets the standard for the management of loyalty and discount schemes. Use it to oversee reward points and money-off initiatives at no extra cost: it's already included in the system. TouchPoint can also build a purchase history for customers and will manage customer account balances. All that adds up to maximised sales and improved targeting.

Combine TouchPoint with ICRTouch's add-on TouchLoyalty software and you'll gain a host of extra features specifically designed to boost trade. Together they will allow you to set up and manage much more complex loyalty schemes.

Match TouchPoint with TouchOffice (ICRTouch's back-office software that functions as a virtual version of what is on your shelves and in your cupboards and cellars). Together they give fantastic control over file maintenance, stock management and reports.

TouchPoint matched with ICRTouch's revolutionary paperless ordering, Epos hand-held devicee PocketTouch helps reduce mistakes and speeds up service.

Combine TouchPoint with TouchKitchen to send clear and concise food orders to your chef.


TouchPoint when you need reliability...

If the power fails and your freezer lets you down, at least you'll be able to count on TouchPoint. When the tills (and the lights) come back on you'll find you haven't lost any data. The system is robust and rugged and it doesn't crash, which means you don't lose a sale. It can't re-freeze the ice-cream though. Sorry.


Looking Good

TouchPoint features eye-catching touchscreen graphics and 1500 settings. It is one of the most adaptable Epos Software Packages available in the UK.

Want your tills to match the tablecloths or the branded t-shirts? TouchPoint can be customised using a wide selection of colours and wallpapers. You can also request a bespoke design.


Don't Stop There

Just like your business, TouchPoint's architects don't stand still. Annual EPoS software updates are available and, on average, TouchPoint grows with 60 new EPoS features per year.

TouchPoint is compatible with keg dispenser monitoring, electronic funds transfer (EFT) software, CCTV, advertising screens, weighing scales, and hotel property management software (PMS).

Touch Screen Software
Download TouchPoint Brochure
TouchPoint is simple to use and requires minimal training. New and part-time staff can quickly work a TouchPoint touch screen till with confidence, saving you time and maximising sales.
The till system can be adapted to your business: from a single touch screen cash register in a small shop to a multi-site business operating many tills.
TouchPoint Brochure for web.pdf
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Waiter Pad Software
Download Waiter Order System Brochure
This revolutionary EpoS software for hand-held devices has been designed and developed specifically for the hospitality and catering industry.
At the touch of a screen orders are recorded and processed straight to the heart of your kitchen from the waiting staff’s hand-held ordering device.
PocketTouch Brochure Web (1).pdf
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Kitchen Monitor
ICRTouch's TouchKitchen EPoS software transforms the way cafe and restaurant food orders are processed. From steak and chips to mushroom risotto, a diner's choice is displayed on a screen in the kitchen, eliminating the need for paper and print-outs.
TouchKitchen Brochure Web (1).pdf
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Web Based Back Office Software
TouchOffice Web is a Cloud-based version of ICRTouch’s popular TouchOffice EPoS back office software. With this powerful web-based EPoS system, any time, anywhere in the world, any number of users have access to live and archive sales data, via a computer, tablet, smartphone and more.
TouchOfficeWeb-Brochure-Web (2).pdf
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Back Office Software
TouchOffice easily handles the complex tasks of monitoring sales and stock lines, collating information from tills and managing staff and promotions. It displays the information in a familiar pc-based format.
TouchOffice LoRes (1).pdf
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